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Greek Prefixes

Common Greek prefixes in English are found below. Having lived and taught in Greece for 20 years qualifies me to present them.


Most people don't realize that they already know a large number of prefixes from the Greek Language.

In fact, prefixes from the Greek Language are found throughout the English Language and are used in a variety of ways.

Greek prefixes are also used with great accuracy. For instance, "pros" is often and mostly translated as "towards," in English. However, "towards" can mean 'in the general direction of,' whereas "pros" has a 'specific target or goal as its object.'

The graph below was given to me from a dear friend of mine. The Greek prefixes -- that is, the words below in Greek -- she also kindly provided.

Ανά = ana
Αμφί = amfi
Αντί = anti
Από = apo
Διά = dia
Εις = eis
Εκ = ek
Εν = en
Επί = epi
Κατά = cata
Μετά = meta
Παρά = para
Περί = peri
Προ = pro
Προς = pros
Συν = syn
Υπέρ = hyper
Υπό = hypo
anabolic, analytic
amphisexual, amphora
antivirus, antidote
apology, apocrypha
diameter, dialogue
eclipse, eccentric
enable, encrypt
epilogue, epistle
katabolism, catastrophic, catalogue
metamorphosis, metaphor
paralysis, paranoic
period, peripheral
problem, prologue
prosthetic, proselytize
syndrome, synagogue, synonym
hyperbole, hypertext
hypothesis, hypocrite

Greek Prepositions

Looking over the chart above should give you some excellent insight as to how Greek prefixes are used. For a larger list of Greek prefixes in English, click on the precediing link.